Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Armies are for Drunken Hitlers; or A Virgin Rummy on the Rocks, No Salt

The Founders had a mistrust of standing armies and their historic use by tyrants to oppress the citizenry.

With a very mature and responsible understanding of his own proclivities and weaknesses, President Bush has twice rejected Rumsfeld's offered resignation (Pictured).

Rummy -- our country's Key Master and hero to B.A.D.D. (Bloggers Against Dictating Democracy) -- deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a kiss on each cheek for watering down the military to a harmless potency.

Never forget the two men responsible for restoring our military to its oppression-proof original state:

"General Washington was often short of shoes and powder, but rarely were he and other commanders without men when they needed them most, although at times American leaders had to take into the army slaves, pardoned criminals, British deserters, and prisoners of war. Moreover, Americans owned guns, and they knew how to use them."

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