Monday, July 11, 2005

Because Liberals are Objectively Anti-Troop

Via Atrios.

Kenneth Tomlinson, who wants to make PBS yet another conservative mouthpiece or destroy it, paid his bud Fred Mann some taxpayer money to find the biases on certain PBS shows.

Mr. Mann, as Max Blumenthal at The Nation described him, "a conservative activist with no credentials as an expert on journalism, broadcasting or media issues, who was obscure even within right-wing circles," produced the Mann Report. It is a bizarre document which, using some unknown criteria, labels guests according to perceived biases.

One labelled guest was Henry Rollins, former singer of Black Flag and Rollins Band who has also appeared in roles on film and television. Said Rollins, "people who have problems with the war should support the troops."

Does this make him a conservative? Jane Hamsher of firedoglake emailed him to find out, and he responded. Click firedoglake link to find out what Mr. Rollins thinks, if you can believe him.

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