Monday, July 25, 2005

The Crazy Tom Tancredo Planet

I was sad that I was on vacation when Rep. Tom Tancredo, my very own Congressman whose hard-line ideas about illegal immigration prompted someone to create one of my favorite quotes, "What crazy Tom Tancredo planet is he living on?" threatened to nuke Mecca. (I swear I read that quote in the newspaper, but I can't find it now).

He's thinking of running for President, you know, and it may be time for our first openly kleptomaniac president.

"This doesn't look like my wife's packing!" [Rep. Tancredo] exclaimed.

Inside, he found a bag of dirty laundry and other stuff belonging to some poor guy who was making a connecting flight for Hawaii. The congressman had grabbed the wrong bag when their puddle-jumper landed in Moline, Ill.

It could be a fun campaign, full of laughs, colorful shirts, and lots of pilfered junk.

But I'm happy someone else, who obviously cares a lot more than I do, is on the ball. Manolo Gonzalez-Estay and Leroy Lemos have created a website,, and are organizing a rally for today on the Capital steps in Denver.

Dear Mr. Gonzalez-Estay,

I read about the anti-Tancredo rally and your new website in the Rocky Mountain News this morning. Rep. Tom Tancredo is my Congressman, lucky me, and I wish I could be there today to support the rally. I've written him a few emails and he's replied to approximately none.

But I just wanted you to know that I wrote about the rally and your site on my blog, which gets all of 4 hits per day. And I'll be keeping track of your site for other opportunities to participate. He needs to be monitored especially because of his potential '08 Presidential run.

Thank you,

Julie O.

If my boys were both in school all day, I'd probably go.

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