Monday, July 11, 2005

Government Endorsement of Religion

That's what we secularists oppose.

Jean Torkelson (so far she is very disappointing) in a Rocky Mountain News column writes:

Curiously, at a time when courts and social activists are trying to curb the public expression of faith, faith is finding a new public.

Now, I know there are extremists who don't even want crosses up on churches, but let's not be stupid. Courts and social activists aren't trying to curb the public expression of faith, they are trying to curb the government expression of faith and the government's elevation of one faith above all others.

Has there ever, in the history of the world, been an overwhelmingly dominant group who has suffered so much persecution? Maybe white males. I don't know.

But it gets better. The article goes on to provide yet another proof that Christians aren't even close to being persecuted:

Trade show spokeswoman Nancy Guthrie, a longtime publicist, says secular media outlets weren't interested when she tried to promote Christian books two decades ago.

"If Jesus was in it, they weren't interested. Today, faith is part of the cultural conversation - it's become OK to talk about God."

Secular media outlets are cashing in on the God craze. If judges and activists are trying to "curb the public expression of faith," then why are they only going after displays in courthouses and parks, but not from book stores or television? It's because the public is not expressing faith in the courthouses and parks, the government is.

When it comes to real public expression of faith, it is, as Ms. Guthrie said, "OK."

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