Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back to School

Today is Ben's first day in Kindergarten. Yes, two weeks early, and it has nothing to do with snow days. However, it looks like he gets out at the end of May. As I recall, back in California we started school right after Labor Day and got out for the summer in early or mid-June.

Kindergarten here is only half day, unless you pay for the second half. Also as I recall, Kindergarten in California was full or nearly full day, as Wednesdays were early days when we got out about 12:30.

Ben is such a social little boy, he already has friends. No problem leaving him in school his first day. Unlike his father and I, he is an extrovert. In fact, it's very difficult to blog sometimes because he wants to much attention. Now that he'll be gone for three hours in the morning, you'd think I'd have more time. Nope, Andrew is now crying for a nap at 9 in the morning. He's a little sick, and I do appreciate the opportunity to get some sleep myself.

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