Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan, and Tattoo a Rose on My Left Buttock

The marginalized and oppressed are finally stiking back against the Establishment that seeks to destroy them.

The fact that most people already live traditional lifestyles (they're heterosexual and religious and not pierced or tattooed) is not enough. Anyone who does not conform to the norm must be labelled evil and corrupt. No one must know that there are other ways to live, think, or believe, otherwise we will have
crappy music, hideous freaks who alter their God-given visages, and sexual deviance.

I can only assume that is the message of this book, as I will never read it. The fact that it is endorsed by Limbaugh, Malkin, and Schlessinger means I would rather pierce my skull through the temples with a train spike. It seems David Kupelian wrote a full-length book to further explore two essays he wrote in 2004 for WorldNutDaily in which he initially despairs at his son's new (temporary) interest in wearing a choker, a "gateway" accessory that would lead to "bug chasing," the hot new trend.

Kupelian elevates the marginal to the dominant, and thinks that those who live what are marginal lifestyles but do not hide are a danger to our entire way of life. Satanists and Pagans, tattooers, piercers, homosexuals...they don't hide anymore, and are thus luring our Christian children to evil and sin.

But here's a weird logic. According to Kupelian, Satanists and Pagans, tattooers, piercers, and homosexuals have anger and self-loathing because they had bad parents, which is why they do what they do. And a spirit of evil and corruption, which has infected our society much in the way Sodom and Gomorrah were infected, is creating an environment which does not condemn such activity, but celebrates it and makes it cool. Therefore normal kids -- who have good parents who raised their children with values, discipline, and love -- will want a tattoo, a belly-button ring, a choker, and AIDS to be cool.

But if you are raising a child with certain values, discipline, and love (which is what pierced kids lack, apparently), and that child has self-respect, then that child won't want to get a tattoo, piercing, or have sex during the "rebellious" years, or if they do it won't be out of anger and self-hatred, right? So what's the problem?

The problem is having too much knowledge of different people and opinions and not having enough control over of the world. The solution, says Kupelian, is for the righteous to cover their childrens' eyes and ears and create a Subculture of Righteousness:

Just as today's homosexual culture, for example, used to be a miserable subculture lurking in public toilets and seedy clubs, and has today become the sophisticated culture of the "beautiful people" and Hollywood, so must your true American culture – if it's ever to come back – start off as a subculture.

True Americans must push the miserable freaks back into the toilets.

I wonder what it means when a 30-something mother of two harbors a secret desire for a tattoo and has three piercings in each ear. I must hate myself.

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