Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hello, America, I'm running for President, and I Have No Clue

Alan of ProgressNow.org weblog is worried about the mainstreaming of Tancredo:

Bottom line: he's either leading his party over a cliff, or the whole country. The more Tom Tancredo is taken seriously by his political colleagues and benefactors (as opposed to his almost-daily lampoonings in the media), the closer we get to the latter...

I'm only a little concerned. I think his nuke comments brought him nationwide attention in a bad way. He'd have to overcome that first impression, and he's not attractive, erudite, or charismatic enough.

And check out Alan's link at Media Monitors Network, in which James Zogby writes:

Having done enough radio talk-shows on this issue and after reviewing a few of the e-mails I received after our CNN encounter, I know that there is a small hard-core constituency out there that wants that kind of champion.

What I also know from the vast majority of the e-mails I received and from the public criticism Tancredo has received from other elected officials and the press, is that should he run for high office, he will fail, as have other demagogues before him.

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