Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Reservist Allegedly Vandalizes Cars of Bush Supporters

It's sad if this is true:
An Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel stationed at Peterson Air Force Base has surrendered to Denver police after he was allegedly tied to the vandalism of cars with pro-President Bush stickers at Denver International Airport.

Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau, 42, faces one felony count and six misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said Tuesday.

Fecteau is the director of operations for the reserves and supervises 11 full-time and 30 part-time active-duty reservists at the National Space Security Institute in Colorado Springs, said Maj. Tina Barber-Matthew, the Air Force Base Command media chief.

I can only think that someone would do such a thing out of a feeling of anger and helplessness.

I have never put political stickers on my car for fear my car would get vandalized, but that's also because I had lived in a red state, Florida, for quite a few years. Now I wouldn't expect a Bush supporter to vandalize my car; even knowing what kinds of troglodytes support Bush, the glow of feeling like a winner creates magnanimity.

When we came to visit family (and for my husband to interview for a job) last October, right before the election, we took a drive through Cherry Creek. We like to dream about the neighborhoods and houses we would live in someday if only we could save our money instead of spending it all on gummy bears and whiskey.

It was refreshing to see so many Kerry signs in yards, with only an occasional Bush sign, especially in a wealthy area like Cherry Creek. It was surprising how overtly political so many people were, as well. Back in Jacksonville, Florida, not too many people put out signs, and most of them were the opposite of Denver; mainly Bush signs and a few Kerry signs.

So, feeling comfortable in a more politically friendly area, I had been reconsidering my policy. But feelings of frustration and helplessness can be overpowering, and the pendulum swings. Republicans are imploding left and right, and I perceive a shift in the political winds. And blogs are a much better way of expressing political thoughts, so the car will remain neutral territory.

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