Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Atrios' Serenity Review

I have to wait to see the film before I can tell Atrios to stuff his review, which was lukewarm. He's not a Super Fan (well, neither am I...but I'm not a real Super Fan about anything. I just don't have the interest to learn every little detail about something, and I don't want to know that much about the private lives of actors)

Just this part of his review
Having seen the series on DVD, which I didn't like all that much until near the end of its run...

tells me that I should ignore his opinion on this subject. (My husband didn't really get it, either, though he said it was "decent." He said he thought the western theme was unnecessary. ::puts head down on keyboard and weeps silently for a few mintues:: But during the pilot, when Mal walked onto Serenity and shot the Fed, he said "It's Star Wars." I nodded and said, "Han shot first.")

But this part
But more generally I'm increasingly under the impression that "that kind" of science fiction is just works much better on TV than it does on the big screen.

I agree with, which is disheartening, since it will probably mean no second or third movie (even though Police Academy got 7 plus a series!) There are just some things that work better on the small screen, in a mini-series format. A real mini-series, not the wimpy little 6-hour things they put on these days. Something like Centennial or The Thorn Birds that takes a real commitment.

It's the same reason shows like Arrested Development don't survive long -- and if it doesn't get a fourth season, at least I got to see everybody do their chicken impressions in one episode -- often the masses don't want intelligent, unpredictable shows which may require a bit of effort.

I'm not saying Atrios and my husband are members of the masses who require obvious humor with a laugh track. I'm just saying I really really like Firefly, I don't know why they don't, and it makes me sad.

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