Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chermaine Neville

Something I noticed in Chermaine Neville's account of being trapped in NOLA
Time after time they signaled for helicopters to help them but there weren’t nearly enough in the air. And they dropped no food or water, either. "We couldn't understand why they couldn’t help us,” she says on the video. The National Guard, she recalls bitterly, was absent.
Helicopters would pass over and "we would do the SOS on our flashlights" but they never stopped. Thousands were still trapped in their homes -- old, young, pregnant, children. Some men fired guns as choppers approached, but they "weren't trying to hit the helicopters. They figured maybe they weren't seeing us. Maybe if they heard this gunfire, they would stop, but that didn't help us."

That makes a lot more sense than the explanations some have given that people shooting at rescue helicopters were just lawless animals.

via First Draft.

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