Thursday, September 01, 2005

Community Colleges are Worth Funding

John Andrews, founder of the Independence Institute, opposes Referendum C, which would allow Colorado to keep surplus taxes instead of refunding them. That would allow for funding of frivolous socialist programs, such as schools. Donors to the anti-Ref C have been anonymous, and answering criticisms that such donors are from out-of-state, John Andrews said

"Say Saddam Hussein smuggled money out of his Swiss bank accounts to write those checks so the Independence Institute could say, 'Colorado, don't raise taxes.'

"What harm is done?"

His point, it doesn't matter who donates, as they are donating for educational ads, and that the donors don't stand to gain from Ref C whether it passes or fails. I see that last part as an admission that the donors are from out of state, because in-state donors will stand to gain or lose (depending on their point of view and who they are) if the measure passes or fails.

But I don't find the remark about Saddam Hussein to be the stupid part. I find this to be the stupid part

Republican John Andrews also dismissed concerns that community colleges would be in peril if the tax-measure fails.

"A lot of those community colleges are nothing more than local jobs programs," the former state lawmaker said.

Yes, they are jobs programs. People with crappy jobs can get training and even an associated degree so they can get better-paying jobs, thus getting them out of the cycle of poverty and off of public assistance. That is exactly what community colleges do, and that is why we should be concerned if they are endangered by people like John Andrews, who apparently despise all taxes, even when they do what they're supposed to do.

Of course, if John Andrews had his way, there would be no public assistance for high school grads who can only get menial jobs, thus we wouldn't have to worry about uneducated people being on public assistance or going so deeply into debt that they become de facto indentured servants, further enriching people like John Andrews. Two social classes, ultra-rich and ultra-poor, suit the vision some Republicans have for America just fine.

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