Sunday, September 25, 2005

Creationism Tour; We Are All Dumber For Having Taken It

This article makes me want to take a tour group of children into a Rusty Carter's church and ridicule the Bible's contradictions and stupidity. He takes children on creationist tours of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Here's a taste of the idiocy

The entire nature and science museum prehistoric exhibit is a lie.

"Is this good science?" Carter asked his latest crew of young indoctrinees.

"Bad, bad, bad," they shouted.

And how are Carter and his colleague, Tyson Thorne, qualified to judge what makes good science? Why, their "bachelor's degrees in biblical studies from Colorado Christian College," of course.

It makes me wonder why they don't use their scientific knowledge to create cures and treatments for diseases, such as a treatment for HIV that will prevent AIDS from needlessly taking the life of a 3-year-old.

Maybe it's time to assess just what it is the people with only biblical studies degrees contribute to the realm of science and medicine. How many medical devices, surgical procedures, medicines have they developed? What the fuck have they done besides make our country a little bit poorer and stupider?

Is there any wonder that Midge Cozzens, president of Colorado Institute of Technology, told a General Assembly committee last week that Colorado can't fill the technological and scientific jobs it will create with homegrown talent?

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