Thursday, September 29, 2005

Denver Developing Pretty Nicely

Two opinions about making Denver a major destination in the Denver Post.
Cow Town or Wow Town? and To a Native New Yorker, Denver Doesn't Rank as a Metropolis -- Thank Goodness.

It may be because I'm not a native Denverite, myself, and the I'm new to the area, so haven't become bored or jaded yet, but I agree with the second opinion more
The country has enough cosmopolitan meccas. If you really have a problem living in a cow town, I suggest moving to New York. But I offer this advice with a warning. Once you've settled in, once you've found your tiny table and spent a great deal of time discussing the newest restaurants and bars with friends, you might notice a silence fall over your group. Then you too may find yourself furiously engaged in debate about moving to some other place.

I love the duality of Denver, that there are cattle shows and rodeos, and also a quantity and quality of culture and sophistication.

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