Sunday, September 11, 2005

Effective Government

It got sewn into a bag, beaten with a stick, and tossed into New Orleans after the levees were breached. So says Corrente
"New Orleans filling up like a bowl." Remember what Grover Norquist said? He said he wants to make government so small he can drown it in a bathtub. Well, under Bush we have a government that's large in size, but puny in performance—so I bet that's good enough for Grover.

"New Orleans filling up like a bowl." Yes, Norquist, Bush, and thirty years of Republican governance have succeeded. They've won. They finally drowned the government.

Their government drowned in the "bowl" of New Orleans. Too hollowed out, too puny, to function. Their government drowned in the the bowl of New Orleans, along with thousands of American dead their government was too hollowed out, too puny, too conflicted, too politicized, too ideological, and too in denial to rescue.

You put people in charge of the government who want to drown it, sooner or later it's going to drown. Now it has. It's going to up to the American people to decide whether a drowned government is the kind of government they want.

I never voted Repug, but I remember thinking, "Maybe it would be best if they get their way. We'll try the Repug experiment for a few years, and when it all goes to Hell, the Repugs will remain a minority party for a very long time...again."

How come it's my bad ideas that usually happen?

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