Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For Sci-Fi Super Fans

J. Marcus Xavier was kind enough to introduce me to his site, PlanetFandom. There's a variety of links to satisfy the obsessions of sci-fi fans in many categories, from Original Star Trek to Stargate SG-2 (I'm very excited to discover a new spinoff) and features fan films and podcasts. I hadn't heard a podcast before; it's like a radio program.

It's a nice centralized resource for people like me, who like some sci-fi programs but don't take the time to search the specific related sites. I had checked out fan sites before, but they're often so -- how do I put this -- into the one subject, it's hard for me to get through the minutiae that true Super Fans enjoy. JMX finds the cool stuff for me.

Cool stuff like Lux Lucre's Firefly Page, which renders the Firefly characters in South Park style.

And Stone Trek.
For anyone who might be unfamiliar with the Stone Trek series, it's basically an animated take-off of Star Trek meets The Flintstones, complete with 1960's style laugh tracks, goofy animations, and a starship that runs on a particularly temperamental volcano for a warp core.

FWIW, I recommend Stone Trek. Quality production values, and it loads quickly. [sarcasm]Thank goodness for that laugh track, or I wouldn't know what was funny. Too bad Arrested Development doesn't have a laugh track.[/sarcasm]

I've added a new group of links in my sidebar for Super Fans. I'll add more links as I discover them, and have time.

[edited to include link]

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