Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Local Response to O'Reilly's Downfall

Eleven e-mails took the Clear Channel station to task for planning to remove O'Reilly from his noon to 2 p.m. period, according to Jerry Bell, programming manager for KHOW and KKZN-AM (760).

Four e-mails approved of the move to replace O'Reilly with Glenn Beck, another syndicated host out of Philadelphia.

Here's the funniest part
Bell noted that pro and con comments probably will increase once the word spreads and when O'Reilly is no longer on the air.

See, word has to spread, because no one knows O'Reilly was kicked off the air because no one was listening to his show. Which is why it was dropped.

Maybe RMN editor John Temple will take blogging a little more seriously after this, though
More than three times the usual number of people visited RockyMountainNews.com on Monday to read about KHOW's decision. The story on O'Reilly's ouster drew an additional 190,000 people to the site.

More fun, found at News Hounds, O'Reilly predicting the impending collapse of the Left in August, 2005
O'Reilly proclaimed that Karma is wonderful and now all the vicious character assassins on the left are getting what they deserve.

In the comments
Somehow O'Reilly has come to associate ratings with credibility, honesty, and truth.....He's always huffing and puffing about his own, and reveling in someone else's decline.


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