Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Logical Leaps; God Loves Penguins Above All His Creations

I just don't get how the conservative mind works, that they think penguins are somehow evidence for Intelligent Design, or even that the difficulties penguins overcome raising babies should shame certain humans who enjoy killing children, like Morgan Freeman, who, according to Jill Stanek, is "pro-abort." :/

Yeah, maybe primates and all other animals should be more like penguins, who apparently don't kill their own or others' babies, or push them out of nests to die. But maybe that makes penguins, rather than humans, the creature that God Intelligently Designed, since they are so clearly morally superior to all other creatures on Earth.

Update: I forgot...some penguins are gay. I wonder how that fits into the conservative equation.

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