Sunday, September 25, 2005

Moderate Liberalism Key to Sim City Success

I sometimes go through bouts of obsession. Currently it's Sim City 4. I'm doing pretty well on a city I named Serenity Valley (geek alert). I've got $400,000 and a surplus income, 35000 people, a university, city college, large schools and hospital, library and museum. It's a very middle class bedroom community that commutes mainly to Smallsville (geek alert) by train.

The secret -- a balance between business interests and social programs, and the patience to slowly build and let things work for awhile.

Here's a letter I wrote a few months back that got printed in my local paper. It was inspired by the Mahablog, and got me a letter from a local author, James Dale, looking to sell me his book. It also is the key to doing well on Sim City.


A letter writer recently attempted to define liberalism as the attempt to level the playing field by redistribution of wealth. One might wonder what the opposite proposition might be: stacking the deck in favor of a few to consolidate wealth and increase their power?

We all have a duty to our countrymen, and it is the proper role of government to make sure this duty is performed. That is a liberal notion, and it was liberal -- and revolutionary -- when it was first declared to the world by our Founders.

We instituted government to ensure our rights and improve our condition

The Declaration of Independence outlined our most basic rights, and more were made law by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our goal to improve our condition is made clear in the Preamble: "to...promote the general Welfare."

Among the methods for meeting this goal are: capitalism with regulation; public programs to assist our most helpless citizens; protection and stewardship of public lands. The alternative is to have an underclass of poor, uneducated, starving and sick citizens, and a nation poisoned and exploited by unregulated business and industry.

We already experienced a country nearly destroyed in this manner, and we sought to form a more perfect union when Roosevelt's New Deal was approved.

Therefore it seems when some complain of redistribution of wealth, they are really upset that anyone would require them to fulfill their duty to create a stable, safe and healthy country.

Inefficiencies, inequities, and corruption must be fixed. A return to the Gilded Age, a plutocracy, and a looming Great Derpression is not a solution any responsible government could tolerate

Julie O.

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