Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Ears Stopped Ringing from the Green Day Concert

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary, and my husband took me to the Jimmy Eat World/Green Day concert last night. It was my first large venue concert, besides the Violent Femmes/Pixies concert at Red Rocks, which was a different experience. My husband kidded me that we'd be the oldest ones there, except for the band, but we weren't. Not even close.

The last time I saw Green Day was in 1991, when my roommate asked me, "Do you want to go to Green Day and Transition with me?" I knew who Transition was, since her "boyfriend" was in it, but wondered if Green Day was like Earth Day and had something to do with recycling. They played for free to a group of about 100 in the Mary Ward Cantina at San Francisco State. I only remember "One of My Lies" from that first concert. They were awesome, excellent musicians with great songs, and they set the bar which no other bands who played at Mary Ward could meet. Again, not even close.

They're still awesome, and they set another bar for me. I was exhausted, half deaf, and hoarse by the time the concert ended. Good stuff.

I was only pissed that we missed most of Jimmy Eat World, who I really like, because light rail apparently decided on this evening they would only run once an hour rather than every fifteen minutes, as they had every other time we've taken it. And then the Pepsi Center staff held up the entrance line about ten minutes for some reason. Once the line started moving, we were inside in five minutes.

Also, the restaurant we went to beforehand served weak drinks, as my buzz was gone by the time I got out of the bathroom. Then at the Pepsi Center, the World's Oldest and Slowest Man was serving drinks, so we skipped the alcohol there.

Overall, though, a great evening.

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