Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Plethora of Stupidity

Is it just me, or are there more stupid statements being made now in previous weeks? Captain Salty catches Neil Cavuto displaying some sort of blame-deflection
What we now have is the law of unintended consequences taking place, where FEMA (search) has come into New Orleans, a place
where, ecologically, it makes no sense to have levees keeping the Mississippi River (search) from flooding into New
Orleans, like it naturally should.

See, it's all dumb New Orleans' fault for defying nature. Bush just wants the Mississippi river to run free, like God intended, and not waste taxpayer money to prop up an entire city that shouldn't even exist.

The Captain calls BS.
After all, the Founding Fathers never intended federal money to be used to erect giant hydroelectic cash registers and above-ground, open air water storage tanks (reservoirs). They also never intended that Bureau of Reclamation -- created by a law that is fundamentally socialism at work -- would throttle most of the rivers of the American West for the benefit of a handful of farmers, who are growing crops in the middle of the desert.

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