Friday, September 23, 2005

The Poor in the Storm II

It's this all over again.

What's going to be different about Hurricane Rita? The lead up to the storm looks about the same. I'm praying in my own way for the safety of the people down there (this time I know a family who lives in the area); poor people, even some who aren't poor, can't evacuate. Unless they start airlifting people away from hurricanes, this is always going to happen.

No link yet, but the Rocky Mountain News ran an AP article by Deborah Hastings about the poor who can't leave Galveston, though they want to.

"I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. There ain't none. No one answers," [Wilma Skinner] said.
"All the banks are closed, and I just got off work," said Thomas Visor, holding his sweaty payceck as he, too, tried to get inside the store, where more than 100 people fretted in line.

"This is crazy. How are you supposed to evacuate a hurricane if you don't have money? Answer me that."
For the poor and the disenfranchised, the mighty evacuation orders that preceded Rita were something they could only ignore.

I think I read in a comments thread somewhere an answer to "why didn't Mayor Nagin use those schoolbuses?" The person said, having experienced hurricanes in the Carolinas, that the scoolbuses would have just gotten stuck in traffic, and he would have just turned around to head back home, take his chances in a house rather than stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere. That's exactly what's happening in Texas (no link yet to AP Mike Graczyk)

"I've been screaming in the car," said Abbie Huckleby, who was trapped on Interstate 45 with her husband and two children as they tried to get from the Houston suburb of Katy to Dallas, about 250 miles away. "If I would have known it was this bad, I would have stayed at home and rode out the storm at home."

Trazanna Moreno decided to do just that. After covering just six miles in nearly three hours, she finally gave up.

"It could be that if we ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere that we'd be in a worse position in a car dealing with hurricane-force winds than we would in our house," she said.

The difference needs to come after the storm, especially since the fucking "Christian" Texan bastards will murder starving, dehydrated people who are trying to find food and drink which will be unsuitable to sell to anyone after the storm:

"I checked with the Sheriff's Department to see if I could use my gun, and they said if I do, make sure he's dead," said Mr. Faris, 48, brandishing a 9-millimeter pistol, as customers filed into the store to buy frozen pizzas, beer and beef jerky. "I'm not leaving anything to chance. We saw what happened in New Orleans." [emphasis added]
Does his frozen pizza store also sell clothes and electronics?

Another difference to look for will be whether or not the assholes try to blame the local officials who can't deal with such far-reaching devastation and make up stories about pillaging, murderous, drug-addled, rapist white poor people.

Also, some Katrina evacuees in Texas have to evacuate again, and Holy Shit about the exploding bus full of elderly evacuees.

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