Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Can't Be Repeated Enough

The failure of the federal response to Katrina was not a failure of government, it was a failure of governance. As Jesse Taylor wrote
Government is not responsible for this. The people in charge of the government are. Government, for some reason, is never the sum of its parts, but always a sum irrespective of its parts. It's a curious implication for elections, though - if government simply doesn't work, why does it matter who we elect? They're never going to be able to do any better or any worse than anyone else in the same position.

Those who are in charge of our government now don't value the institutions they were elected or appointed to govern, therefore they have undermined those institutions. Another good point Jesse makes
Listen, let's cut the crap. Is there some section of Hayek's writings, some secret part of the GOP propoganda manual, that reveals the existence of a person named "Government"? Is there some guy sitting somewhere, stamping everything that politicians and appointees do, who's ultimately responsible for everything that happens? The alternate version of this outlook with regards to the private market would basically be hardcore Marxism - the failure of any capitalist enterprise is the failure of all.

Private enterprise can screw up just as much, do as much damage if not more, as government. Only when it's private, there's no FOIA requests, no obligation to inform, no transparency, no oversight. In the case of this cartoon, all of those failures are of policies and governing priorities.

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