Friday, September 16, 2005

Would Tancredo Bomb Himself?

Dear Rep. Tancredo,

I thank you for taking the time to respond to me in a form letter regarding your opinion about bombing Mecca, and welcoming the opportunity for a national dialogue about deterring al-Qaeda. However, I would have preferred that it addressed my comments, not the comments of others.

In my letter to you, I had not expressed offense, but addressed the subject of what could be done, not only to deter al-Qaeda, but other terrorists who would harm the U.S. and its citizens, as well. I agree that radical fundamentalists who support terrorism should be purged and repudiated, and wonder when you will be doing that to Pat Robertson, Randall Terry, Neal Horsely, and James P. Wickstrom?

Your focus on only Muslim terrorists ignores the domestic terrorists we have right here in the United States. They were born here, are white, purport to be Christian, and are as much a threat to the United States as foreign-born terrorists who claim Islam as a religion.

The Oklahoma City bombing was the most deadly attack on the U.S. until al-Qaeda accidentally knocked down the World Trade Center (they didn't expect the collapse). The anthrax attacks that killed several citizens and threatened a U.S. Senator right after 9/11 -- which has so far gone unsolved -- was a domestic biological attack, the only such biological attack on our country.

Yet you are more concerned with Muslims. In your letter to me, you said "Hajjar went on to say that 'there are no innocent people,' and referred to the victims of the attack as 'collateral casualties.'" "Collateral damage" was the term Timothy McVeigh used to describe the children killed in Oklahoma City. And your suggestion that bombing holy sites might be an appropriate response means you share that view; those who not only support and advocate terrorism, but do not actively speak and act against it are not innocent people, they are collateral casualties. That is terrorism, too.

Given that U.S. citizens who advocate hatred and murder are not only not in indefinite detention, but actually have television shows and seats in Congress, and who earn millions in donations from fellow Americans, I wonder which location you would advocate bombing here in the US?

Julie O.

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