Thursday, October 13, 2005

Anti-Marijuana Causes Criminal Behavior; W/Correction

An article in the RMN describes how upset City Councilman Charlie Brown is about SAFER's I-100 campaign, an initiative to legalize small amounts of marijuana for adult use that the city was forced to put on the ballot when a 12,000 signature petition was submitted.

"It is incredibly misleading, it is devious, it is deceptive," Brown said of the campaign signs.
"Marijuana is a gateway drug," he said. "You start using that and where do you end up?"

A convenience store at 3 a.m.?

On the same page as the above article was this "They Said It" blurb

"I put them in my dumpster, because that's where I put my garbage." Charlie Brown, Denver City Councilman, explaining why he spent an hour Saturday night pulling up signs supporting Initiative 100, a city ballot measure to legalize adult marijuana use.

Marijuana may not be a gateway drug, but pro-marijuana signs are definitely a gateway sign. First, they make you so upset that you are compelled to commit crimes on Saturday nights, then you start noticing all those other deceptive and misleading signs around town, and before you know it, you're defiling Gene Siskel's corpse for calling The Ice Storm the best movie of 1997.

Correction: The RMN was kind enough to clarify Brown's behavior today. Buried in a follow-up article (now about how another pro-pot group is paying for billboards, but Brown is still enraged over the misleading message) is this passage
He was so furious because the red-and-white signs were illegally scattered in his Observatory Park neighborhood and along street medians that he spent an hour Saturday yanking them out.

Which also effectively contradicts the humorous premise of my original post, but I still find it amusing.


In related news, a disabled veteran, Steve Tuck, who fled to Canada to avoid prosecution on marijuana charges was arrested in his hospital bed, shipped to the U.S., given no medical treatment or medication for pain. Five days later, when he was dragged into federal court for a hearing, his catheter was still attached. (no link to AP story yet)

The federal judge, in a fit of humanity, ordered Tuck's release so he could seek medical treatment, but the officials at the King County jail then discovered a detainment request, so Tuck was kept in custody.

In addition to making people steal, being anti-marijuana also makes people be inhuman jerks.

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