Friday, October 21, 2005

Associated Press Makes Association on Miers Work

Harriet Miers was paid an exorbitant lawyer's fee before Bush's 1998 Gubernatorial campaign, but the White House won't explain why or release the records, and his aides aren't talking.
Dana Perrino, a White House spokeswoman, said the legal fees to Miers' firm were for routine campaign work, but declined to be more specific. Presidential aides declined to say whether Miers ever worked on researching Bush's past, such as his military record.
In late September, when Miers' firm received the first of two $70,000 payments, Mauro said he trailed Bush in the polls by 35 points.

"If they're spending that kind of money," said Mauro, now an Austin attorney who estimates he spent less than $20,000 on legal fees during the campaign, "they're spending it to protect themselves from something."

Bush getting Clintonized by the press: innuendos, implications, connections, leading questions. Except IMHO, Bush deserves it. Bwa.Ha.Ha.

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