Friday, October 28, 2005

Care for a Piece of Fitzmas Pie?

I made fresh homemade apple pie this morning for a Fall Festival tonight, but now it's also a Fitzmas pie. Or Fitzukkah, as Al Franken called it, since it's reported that there will likely be 8 days of indictments.

Also as Al said, the spirit of Fitzukkah is not Schadenfreude, it's the Rule of Law. Schadenfreude is the fun part of Fitzukkah, so have fun, have a piece of Fitzmas pie.

Hmmm, what does it mean that the market is up today?

Liveblogging on Fitzgerald press conference now:

1 count lying to grand jury obstruction of justice (hard to liveblog with kids)
2 perjury
2 false statements to FBI

Valerie was CIA and classified, which was not widely known outside intelligence community.

Her cover blown July 2003; first sign of blown cover was Novak's column, but he was not the first reporter to learn of it. Libby was the first official to have told a reporter when he talked to Miller.

Investigators gather facts; who, what, where, why; then determine if a crime as committed, who committed it, if it should be indicted.

Witnesses before grand jury must tell complete truth because of necessity of determing truth

Interviewed Libby, focus was what had he known, what he said, why he said it, when. Long chain of phone calls spoke to Russert, Russert told him about Valerie. He told FBI he learned it as if it were knew, passed it on to others. He told FBI when he passed it along 2 days before Novak, passsed ti with the understanding that he got it form reporter and didn't know it was true.

He took oath and said the same thing before frand jury. said he learned info before russert, but forgot. siad he passed it on as if it were gossip he didn't know was true.

It is not true, according to the indictment. Libby discussed it half a dozen times before speaking to Russert, then when he did talk to Russert, didn't discuss Valerie Plame at all. 3 times in early 2003 Libby learned of Valerie Wilson from government officials -- and there was nothing wrong with that.

Early June, he learned of her role in sending Amb. Wilson -- one of the times from VP Cheney on June 12 (which was the 3rd conversation). At least four people in govt. told Libby. Also at least 3 times he discussed info with other officials.

July 7 2003, discusses with Ari Fleischer on Thursday what he claimed to learn on Monday.

At least 7 discussions before he spoke to Russert, again, at which time he never discussed Valerie Plame.

He testified that he spoke to Cooper and Miller July 12; that he gave them info from other reporters; that he didn't know if it was true; that he didn't know if Wilson even had a wife.

Fact is, he discussed it 4 times before July 14.

He spoke to Miller 3 times, June 23 2003; July 8 2003, when he changed attribution to former hill staffer; July 12. In those conversations, Libby never said it was what other reporters said; never said he didn't know it wasn't true; never said he didn't even know Wilson had a wife.

Libby lied under oath, repeatedly.

Investigation not finished. Substantial bulk of investigation is over. Keeping grand jury open in case there are related matters.

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