Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dumbest Caldara Argument He Didn't Get Called On

Voting for Referendum C is like paying $20 for something that costs $15, and not receiving your change. Why is that dumb? It's a refund, so it's really like saying "Normally taxes are $20, but since we've covered our expenses because it is a boom time and more people have paid more taxes at the normal rate, we will refund the excess $5 to certain types of people. But since fewer people have paid less taxes since the recession, we really need to charge the full $20 this time around."

Or is it really the best Caldara argument of all?

Next time the Samsung refund offer on a DVD player through Circuit City runs out, just say "That $119 DVD player cost $99 last week with the refund, so I demand to purchase it this week for $99. John Caldara says so."

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