Thursday, October 20, 2005

Even Super Assassins Incompetent Patronages

How else to explain the white muscular "burglar" in his late 20s, early 30s with no ID and untraceable fingerprints who was stabbed to death by his own knife by the peace-loving Boulder couple who tried to resuscitate him?

An obvious Bush Administration appointment. This government couldn't even manage to cover up the incident and keep it out of the news.

Expect an update when more is known.

Update: It took dental records to ID the attacker, Evans W. Sussman, which further shows the government's incompetence. There shouldn't be any dental records. And an interesting development
Sussman was represented in a 2002 divorce proceeding by the lawyer who had been acting as a spokesman for the Sunshine Canyon couple who said they were forced to defend themselves after Sussman tried to enter their home, according to court records.

Coincidence or cover-up? Or maybe I need to stop listening to Art Bell late at night.

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