Monday, October 03, 2005

EvolveTV: Red Carpet Review

Before I get completely shallow about this, let me just say I enjoyed and appreciated the subject matter of the two premiere episodes of EvolveTV.

Superficially -- if they're going to keep that horrid green, non-neutral background (and I understand that when you have to buy a large quantity of fabric, what's affordable is often gross) then it would behoove the guests to consider color in their wardrobes to offset its influence.

Think warm colors...reds, oranges, corals, browns (like Kos' jacket), or strong neutrals, like dark grey (Myers' shirt). In a battle, light neutral colors (Black's shirt) will lose. The only reason Kos got away with his carpet matching the drapes was the intervention of the brown jacket.

Note the difference in just one small change to Dr. Cole's tie:

The eyes are drawn away from Cthulhu's underwear pinned to the wall and are focused on Dr. Cole, who is no longer a floating head and hands.

Whatever they do, they should avoid yellows and greens. For the love of Cthulhu's underpants, no yellows or greens.

Update: Atrios informs me the background will be changed for future installments. Also, as I watched the interview portion on Daily Show last night, I noticed that in the two shot Jon and his guest David Rakoff were in front of a green background (better hue and darker than EvolveTV's). Rakoff was wearing a dark grey shirt and Jon was wearing a dark suit with a warm tie, and they looked good against the background. Ignore Julie at your peril.

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