Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lucidity on the Crazy Tom Tancredo Planet

Who are these people posting lucid arguments on Tom's blog?

Never fear, we still have plenty of loonies, and the future is secure. A highschooler named Jennie laments the state public schools will be in for her younger siblings after the full-scale Mexican invasion
Hey my name is Jennifer and I have listened to Tom talk on two occasions. Once at an immigration forum in Council BLuffs, IA and the second time was at a GOP Fest in Polk County, IA. I am writing my senior paper on immigration, it is persuasive, and I am totally for shutting down the borders. I think that there are many things we need to consider. Not only our safety but the safety of our future. Our countries future. I have a younger brother and sister. My brother is two and i am really worried about what the education system is going to be like when he hits school, if we let ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come into our country and invade us because yes they are invading us then we are no longer going to be an English speaking country our primary language will be Spanish, there will be so many drugs on the street because that is was they are doing they are smuggling drugs in illegally. If they want to live in a free democratic society then they need to come to our country legally. Also, I was sitting in class and the lady came on the intercom and she was like today is Mexico's independence from God i don't know who she said, but they expected me to give thanks and celebrate their independence, but you know what I have never seen any hispanic or mexicans celebrate my independence on Fourth of July. That really makes me agrivated. -Jennie [emphasis added]

Boy, I bet that will be a persuasive senior paper. If a current high school senior doesn't know what country Mexico won independence from, imagine the state of our schools when her two-year-old brother gets there.

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