Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pharmacists Are Trying to Kill Me

A pharmacist made my blood pressure soar to near-lethal levels when I read this at Big Brass Blog
A 26-year-old Missouri woman was refused EC when she handed her prescription to a pharmacist at a Target store in Fenton, MO, on September 30. The woman was told by the pharmacist, “I won’t fill it. It’s my right not to fill it.”

I'm normally a quiet, polite, calm, understanding person, but in situations such as this, when someone is refusing to perform the most basic service their job requires of them, I get somewhat shrill and demanding (a friend said he actually saw a storm cloud form over my head, and it scared him). A little outrage used judiciously -- especially from someone with an approachable, friendly face and polite demeanor -- goes a long way.

If you are unwilling to perform the basic service which defines your job, then find another job. It's like a Jehovah's Witness becoming a surgeon, and refusing to perform surgery because his religious beliefs prohibit blood transfusions. How about a package store employee refusing to sell alcohol because he's a tee-totaller. A science teacher who refuses to teach evolution because she's a big stupid asshole.

Anyway, as much good as it will do, I signed the Planned Parenthood form letter demanding to know the policies of certain stores which have pharmacies. I prefer to be able to change the form letter, so it's not a form letter, but the site doesn't allow it.

Do it now.

"Ah want muh pills!"

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