Saturday, October 15, 2005

Support the Troops; Yes on Referenda C & D

The Colorado Springs area will certainly vote down Referenda C&D, even as there will need to be new schools, roads, and open-space areas to accommodate the doubling of Fort Carson.
A new elementary school will have to be built in Fountain School District No. 8 if new homes are built on the base.

And Colorado 16 will have to be widened from two lanes to accommodate the commuter traffic to Fort Carson.

A new open-space buffer will have to be created between Colorado Springs and Fort Carson to keep development from encroaching on base functions.

"Two years is a very small amount of time to provide for the quality of life for these soldiers," said Maj. Gen. Robert Mixon, Fort Carson base commander.
A $50 million highway-widening project has been planned, but funding depends on whether voters approve state Referendums C & D on Nov. 1.

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