Monday, October 17, 2005

Taking from the Repub Playbook for Ref C&D Ad

Remember the Republican meme about Democrats? "Democrats are opposed to the President, the war, reform, whatever, but offer no alternatives or solutions."

It's time to hit back in kind.
The two Republican gubernatorial hopefuls - U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez and former University of Denver President Marc Holtzman - both oppose Refs C and D.
They can't offer specifics, but both say they would find efficiencies if elected.
Beauprez doesn't have a specific plan but said in an August interview that "government does a very poor job rattling the box long enough and hard enough."
Linda Gorman, an economist with the Independence Institute...thinks government needs to become more efficient.

Could Medicaid be further cut while preserving current levels of service? Yes, says the department's former administrator who left the position in August. But not enough to offset increased costs.

The Ad:

Even in a state with one of the lowest tax to income ratios, a conservative Republican Governor, and bare-bones programs such as Medicaid that were still cut, opponents of Referenda C&D say it's still not enough. They say they would find efficiencies, but can't say how. They have no solutions that come close to solving the budget crisis. If a conservative Republican Governor can't fix the problem, what will?

Referenda C & D will. Referendum C will fix TABOR's ratchet effect so that Colorado, like other TABOR states, can recover from recessions, allowing us to keep the kinds of programs and services which help Colorado families, and which Coloradans value. Referendum D means new schools and roads for Colorado's rapidly growing population.

Vote yes on C&D, Colorado's solution.

Update: ProgressNow Action has put together a good C&D ad. Go take a look.

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