Wednesday, October 26, 2005

That Way Lies Anarchy

Target claims Title VII requires them to make concessions to religious pharmacists. Wash Park Prophet points out that Title VII begs to differ, and Oh-Willeke makes an excellent point excellently
Any other standard the requiring every store to carry out its duties is an express route to disaster. Scientologists who won't dispense psychiatric drugs, vegans who don't want to sell milk, Hindus who don't want to sell beef jerky, Jews who won't check out pork, Mormons who won't sell coffee or alcohol, Catholic who don't want to sell condoms, God hates homosexuals so no AZT for you, blood transfusions are wrong so no clot busting and immune suppressing drugs for you, the parade of horribles goes on and on and on. If your beliefs prevent you from doing you job, you need to find another job.

Planned Parenthood offers a list of some pharmacies with good policies. They've also posted a letter from Kmart (pdf) in which Kmart agrees with Oh-Willeke
Under no circumstances is it Kmart's policy that a customer be forced to leave the pharmacy without the timely filling of a valid prescrition because of the ethical, moral ore religious grounds of the pharmacist on duty. If there is no way to accommodate the objection without resulting in an untimely delay to the customer, our policy requires the pharmacist to fill the prescription notwithstanding his or her objection. Depending upon the circumstances, a pharmacist's violation of these policies can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

I've written to Kroger's/King Sooper's for their policy, and will post the reply if I ever get one.

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