Friday, October 21, 2005

Wrong Again...But Even I Saw This One Coming

Evans W. Sussman was not an incompetent government agency patronage assassin. He knew the intended victims, had done work for them several years ago, when he had so much contact with them, they recommended an attorney for his pending divorce proceedings.

I was making fun of an incompetent career criminal who was going to kill his victims, but it turns out Sussman was a desperate guy down on his luck. He did a terrible job because it was his first criminal endeavor. His neighbor, Jim Leemon, was shocked by this uncharacteristic behavior
"He was a great neighbor. He had two kids about my kids' age. We had barbecues, we helped each other out. We both tried to sand graffiti off the fences in the neighborhood.

"It's rare to find someone so compassionate."

Leemon can't imagine Sussman carrying a big knife. "He wasn't a hunter. I don't think he ever had a knife, except a Swiss Army knife.

"He was just a regular guy. He had tools. He was a family man. He loved his children."

Which makes this whole story very sad.

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