Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bitch Ph.D.'s Umber Un Fan

If you've got an extra day-and-a-half laying around, you might want to check out the shit storm at Bitch Ph.D. She's got some major troll problem.

Some think he should be ignored. He is a PhD Candidate at Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering, afraid that his career is in jeopardy because a commenter and professor contacted his advisors about his unprofessional trolling, yet continues to publicize his obsessive persecution complex -- all while he knows his advisors are watching -- by gleefully liveblogging his attempts at piercing her anonymity and suing her for libel, something he does for fun.
Since the purpose of this blog is the application of game theory to the problem of the day, I will explain how this game is going to go.
Ever been sued Wally? It goes on forever and it is no fun at all (except for me). And I'm going to enjoy spending a lot of money in attorney fees because I like lawyers.
Don't think I'm serious? Did you read my CV? I just spent $1500 to help take down Miers and I thought she was a nice lady. What do you think I will spend to take you down (legally)?

Therefore more fuel must be thrown on the fire. He shouldn't have a career in Mechanical Engineering. I wouldn't want an unstable person tampering with my brakes just because he thought I was wrong to let his supervisor at Grease Monkey know he was chewing me out for my Darwin Fish decal. [/lame joke analogy diss]

Besides, P.Z. Myers speak, I listen and obey

You really ought to go ahead and link to Deignan. It gives him a little traffic in the short run, but it also burns those creepy posts where the Comic Book Guy whines and threatens lawsuits into Google's memory.
I know I google job candidates. If I discovered one announcing that he loved to harrass people with lawsuits, I wouldn't look kindly on him.

Of course, the downside is that he looks like perfect material for a cushy job at a right-wing think tank.
PZ Myers Email Homepage 11.08.05 - 12:24 am

It seems to have all begun when this shamelessly arrogant crazy person invited some feminist bloggers to finally deal with the subject of abortion, one of whom was Dr. B.


You have probably noticed that the debate about abortion tends to stall at the point where one party invokes a particular or another party religious faith or another party invokes blind want.

So here is my challenge to you and your readers, building on the discussion and the premise here: Thinking Critically about Abortion. Is it possible to more forward and explore a possible principled resolution to the debate?

For example, I think there is something to be said of sovereignty of the body, privacy, and liberty as rights emanating from the right to life. You may propose some rationale for balancing, etc.

At this point of the debate, the pro-life position is not seriously challenged and I have some readers who have requested that I reopen a forum for debate. Are you up to it? If so, the best thing might be to see if you can create a post outlining your rationale, one that addresses the framework laid out in my post and hopefully some of the criticisms. If you have a decent argument, I will match your posts and invite others to discuss and contribute from the right.

You have to admit, normal bloggers for all their talk about not being MSM also shy away from this argument. We should take advantage of this.


(In light of the above email, it is worth noting this person's commenting policy

I will make a good faith attempt to reply to all substantive comments. I may correct spelling, but will indicate that your comment was edited.

Only a delusionally superior, hypertechnical, controlling douchebag edits comments for spelling and yet writes like that. Someone in Dr. B's comments called him a cross between Dick Cheney and Comic Book Guy. Now I read all his writing that way in my head.)

But Dr. B replied

Since you say you're a Ph.D. candidate, a little advice:
  • 1. Don't insult people and then ask them to do things for you.
  • 2. Don't make assertions about the limitations of a debate without doing your research; I myself have written pieces on abortion that go beyond where you say the "debate tends to stall."
  • 3. Don't try to set people up to act as your strawman; this doesn't incur good will.
  • 4. Don't invite people to participate in a debate when you're unfamiliar with their work--you run the risk (as here) of asking them to rearticulate arguments they've already published.

Methinks this must have made little Mr. Sliderule wither, as when we next see him, he is trolling her comments to a post on Alito.

Your linking talking points w/o analysis. Already I see several points that are exaggerated and misconstrued without even needing research.

Not convincing.

But go ahead and filibuster. It is what extremist activists do. (And it will help with the GOP elections in midterm as well as the nuke option).
Paul Deignan Email Homepage 11.02.05 - 9:12 am

Apparently it goes downhill from there, with him likening her child's upbringing to "swimming in a sewer" (my eyes are crossing trying to find that comment again for a link, so no link). His more obnoxious comments, such as this one, were deleted, though other commenters remembered them. It's unfortunate, actually, since on his site, of course, he doesn't mention those disappeared horrid comments.

That's why I don't think I will delete comments trolls make (like the one who threatened me
How nice. Watch yourself. You never know who you are talking to on here or how close they actually are.

Go Broncos!

Treeear 08.25.05 - 6:58 pm #)
If that's not an implied threat of physical violence, what is? And here's the undeniable proof of what he did to get banned.

Anyway, that was just an introduction to the whole thing. And the saga continues. Isn't blogging fun?

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