Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bush Administration Knew Iraq Intelligence Was Questionable: Pt. 2

(Mainly for my conservative relatives who may read this) If you were wondering why I wrote
It's another example of the Bush Administration's use of questionable intelligence to make unequivocal statements about Iraq's ties to terrorism and possession of WMD.

Here's a little rundown of what we know the Bush Administration knew of questionable intelligence which was used to justify the Iraq War to the nation and to Congress, via Mahablog
… we now know that the Bush Administration also knew as far back as January 2003 that the Niger uranium claim was based on forgeries. We know that the Bush Administration was also told that the aluminum tubes story was bogus before the invasion as well. We now know that the claim that Saddam was assisting Al Qaeda was also a lie, and that the Administration knew this from Rummy himself as far back as February 2002. And we know that the IAEA was still on the ground in Iraq and had not confirmed any of Bush’s claims that Saddam had definitively stockpiled WMDs in violation of the two UN resolutions that Bush based his war upon.

And why exactly is this so important? Because take a look at the certification that Bush sent to Congress to start the war, which was required in the October 2002 war resolution, and then see that as we suspected over two and a half years ago, Bush has a big problem now…

This latest revelation means that at the time Bush justified the commencement of war against Iraq consistent with what was required under Public Law 107-243, he certified things not in evidence, and made claims to Congress (Saddam’s active operation of a WMD program and Saddam’s assistance to Al Qaeda) that he, Cheney, and Rummy already knew were false.

I think the 2006 elections are already being fixed. If the Republicans lose either branch of Congress, this Administration is going the way of Nixon. Of course, with 42% polled already thinking impeachment, and minority Dems pushing the subject, it may not matter.

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