Sunday, November 06, 2005

But My Pit Bull is So Sweet with Kids

(That was sarcasm)

I grew up with dogs, but they were small and docile, and I never had fear of them. Then we got a larger dog with a bit of dingo in him (he looked almost exactly like a dingo). He was strong and bit hard. I got a chance to learn fear of dogs, and respect for their essentially unpredictable and wild nature. I also got a chance to learn respect for the essentially tender, weak, pink flesh of humans.

That's why, when I had a baby, I wouldn't let my sister bring her rottweiler around. Her rottweiler is nice and gentle with kids, but you never know when a dog will turn on you. And the problem with large dogs, especially pit bulls, is their strength and tenacity. When they grab hold, it is very difficult to get them to let go.

I don't oppose the existence of pit bulls or rottweilers, but I wish people with children would not keep them.

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