Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Combating Right Wing Lies, One Shill at a Time

I was listening to Jay Marvin on Boulder AM760 this morning while trying to scrape dried pumpkin guts off the floor under the table when a "conservative Republican" called in to argue about Roe v. Wade. I tried to call in, but was too late. Then I remembered that I have a blog.

The conversation started out decently, until the caller tried to dispute, with no contrary evidence, that most Americans polled support Roe v. Wade. He tried claiming he knew polls were questionable because he used to work in polls (push-polling, no doubt), and that it depends on the way questions are asked.

But then the caller asserted that all Presidents' poll numbers go down in the second term, and that Bill Clinton's poll numbers in his second term dropped, as well. He also claimed that Clinton's numbers either dropped into the 30s or by 30 points (I don't remember which).

Jay Marvin was doing a decent job of shutting the caller down, but only in dismissing how he selectively believes polls. When the caller claimed Clinton's second term numbers dropped significantly, my little alarm bells started going off, because I remembered differently. So I looked it up and found this through Media Matters.

I know it's small and can be hard to see. It's Clinton's general approval trend from 1993-2000, reading from left to right. Notice how it trends upward on the right side, which is his second term.

That's right, Clinton's approval ratings went up in his second term, and stayed consistently up, despite impeachment. Neither was there ever a dip of thirty points in his approval.

Either the "conservative Republican" has drunk so much Kool-Aid he doesn't know up from down, or he was a bold-faced lying shill.

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