Monday, November 21, 2005

Denver Three's Ouster Identified? ACLU Filed Suit

If you recall, in March of this year three people who wanted to listen to Bush lie about Social Security were kicked out of the event by someone who seemed rather Secret Servicy (and who they said was identified by a third party as being SS, though he wasn't actually SS) for having driven to the event in a car with a "No More Blood for Oil" bumper sticker.

The White House and Secret Service both knew the identity of the man, but refused to name him. The ACLU thinks they found him, though, and have filed suit
The suit identifies the man who ejected them as Michael Casper, a building manager in the General Services Administration in Denver. Casper has worked as a volunteer at several White House events since 1996.

He denies he's the man, though he
made jokes about it and, for some time, avoided being seen and identified by the three.

He has been reported in the media as saying the three were asked to leave "because they were picked out by about 50 people inside the event as being troublemakers." He was quoted as saying he was told "they regularly come to events and disrupt them." He also said they had been heard talking about protesting as they stood in line. The three have denied saying anything of the kind.

He sure knew alot about the Denver Three's alleged activities on that day, though he wasn't involved in kicking them out.

I had previously suggested that the Three sue the White House, since the Ouster was acting as an agent (not SS agent) for the White House. Like the DA my family member is having trouble with, the government can claim immunity from civil action. But not necessarily individuals
The suit is being filed not against the White House, which could claim governmental immunity, but against the individuals involved. They include Casper, Jay Bob Klinkerman - the head of the Colorado Federation of Young Republicans who has admitted to stopping Weise and Bauer at the gate - and five unknown persons involved in the decision to eject the trio. The ACLU hopes to identify them later.
"Casper had an earpiece," said Mark Silverstein, legal director of the Denver ACLU office. "It appeared that he let them in, and then he came back and said, 'You can't be here.' "

"We're going to follow the earpiece," Silverstein said. The lawsuit will be used to discover who gave orders to Casper and "who set the policies, who directed that people who appear to have viewpoints in opposition to the president couldn't attend a publicly funded town hall meeting."

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