Sunday, November 06, 2005

Malicious Malkin

I was feeling some ranter's regret about my Michelle Malkin rant. After all, Malkin did specify the "anti-war left," which I believe is generally the far left fringe elements, which does not include me. But do non-bloggers make the distinction between "anti-war" left and regular left who do not necessarily oppose all war, but oppose the Iraq War? And is that how she meant it? I was having my doubts.

Then I read this about the lying liar Malkin who was lying about Howard Dean on O'Reilly's show (via Mahablog, who's always worth a read).
What I do argue is that a lot of the violence, a lot of the paranoia, a lot of the conspiracy theories, a lot of this hatred that I talk about is not relegated to the fringes of the left, we are talking about, um, something that is permeating, a disease that is permeating the leadership, up to the top. You know, it wasn't just some fringe crackpot on some college campus who was suggesting on a radio station, for example, that President Bush was tipped off to 9/11. That was the head of the Democratic National Committee: Howard Dean. [emphasis added]

So, yeah, she was including me. So once again, FUMM.

Orcinus explains the lie about Howard Dean, and points out more Malkin lies from her O'Reilly appearance.

It is also worth noting that, as Wash Park Prophet -- who went to school with Malkin and worked with her husband -- pointed out, Malkin is not in fact stupid, but is really very smart. Which means every awful word she says or prints does not come from ignorance, ideological blindness, or stupidity, but from malicious intent.

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