Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sensitive Susteren

Greta van Susteren has called out her 100,000 blog dogs to yap up book reviewer Roger Moore's tree.

In the Orlando Sentinel, Roger Moore reviewed a book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Haynes Johnson, The Age of Anxiety. He points out that Johnson ties the McCarthy era and its players to the current day.
Johnson entertains by showing how the decades haven't altered the teams in this war for America's political soul. McCarthy's best friend, the man who loaned him a copy of Mein Kampf, was a fellow Wisconsin conservative, Urban Van Susteren. Progressives won't be surprised that Greta Van Susteren, a Fox News mainstay and Urban's daughter, grew up in a home with a cherished edition of Hitler's famous template for fascist political organization and bigoted scapegoating.

Now, I read this to mean that Greta Van Susteren's apple fell close to the tree. Van Susteren's father supported a fascist bigoted scapegoater, and she works for a fascist bigoted scapegoating network. That's his opinion, and I share it.

But Greta says his opinion portrays her in a "false light," and has asked her blog readers to put pressure on Roger Moore to apologize.
As soon as I get the apology in writing in his paper, I will call off the dogs! If he apologizes, it ends the matter right there. We all make mistakes — although I think his is a whopper in this instance (read below.) If he does not apologize after all your cajoling, I am going to research filing a "false light" tort claim against him and probably his newspaper. I am sure he does not want that and neither does his paper.

And since that didn't work overnight, she also wants her blog readers to pressure his boss.
Roger Moore of Orlando Sentinel has not apologized. I very much appreciate all your help — I know many of you sent e-mails and called Mr. Moore. Perhaps we can get his boss, Charlotte H. Hall, vice president/editor — (407) 420-5195 — to review the matter. Do you want to call and ask her?

I think I will write Roger Moore an email, as well., or (407) 420-5369

Via Newsblues (sub. req.)

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