Monday, November 21, 2005

There Are Just Times You Don't Want to Blog

I've been only moderately more busy over the past three days, but I just didn't want to even go near the computer, except to watch video excerpts on iTunes. My son wanted me to purchase "Around the World" by Daft Punk, and has to watch it at least once a day.

But at least the windows and screens are clean and most of the Christmas decorations are up so they'll be there when we get back from the long weekend at Grandparents' houses on Sunday.

And I got caught up on the new batch of legal troubles a certain member of my family is in. If it gets more interesting, I'll blog on it anonymously. It could involve suing a DA civilly for malicious prosecution and violation of civil rights in both state and federal court (the DA swore to having personal knowledge of facts from 4 years ago for an arrest warrant, facts which he could not have known personally, thus piercing the absolute immunity prosecutors enjoy. And he took the case which had been previously dismissed for lack of evidence back into the courtroom, despite having no new evidence and a witness who has since moved out of state).

The soap opera will never end.

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