Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Bit of a King Kong Review; No Spoilers

I'm thinking that the problem wasn't Serenity. It was the audience, who stayed away in droves. Friday night of it's opening weekend, there were about two dozen people in to see King Kong in our theater. And there was hardly anyone in the entire multiplex at all, not even Narnia could put the buns in seats.

I would blame it on the last weekend of shopping before Christmas, gotta get up early for those stores. But I remember Lord of the Rings being packed the last shopping weekend. All three opened right before Christmas.

And when I say I blame the audience, I actually blame the entire movie industry. Movies are too damn expensive. When they were a bit cheaper (in the 80s, early 90s), my family -- especially my mom and I -- would sometimes go to several movies over a weekend. I recall one weekend we went to four movies. And we could do that nearly every weekend if we wanted. Now we have to pick and choose which movies we really need to see on the big screen, the rest having to wait for the DVD rental.

However, getting to the review of King Kong, it does have some problems that would keep the blockbuster audiences away. One, it's three hours long, so the late night showings turn into wee-hours-of-the-morning showings. Two, it's not Lord of the Rings three hours long, making the time fly by, like "wow, it's been three hours already? They could have stuck another half hour on there, and I can't wait a year for the next one." My reaction was more, "yes, she's got a pretty face, do we need so many long close-ups?"

Pacing was its biggest problem. There were too many "moments," too many subtle-acting scenes fraught with meaning and emotion. The point could have been made while shaving off a few minutes here and there. Hell, even many of the action scenes went on a little too long. I wondered to my husband afterward if the Director's Cut edition would actually be shorter than the original. I hope.

But what action scenes! I'm glad no one had a nightvision camera trained on my face, 'cause I don't think I've ever made that many faces or squirmed so much in a movie. Those parts were cool.

And I did enjoy the relationship between Ann Darrow and Kong. I don't really recall the first two King Kongs, but my impression of the first one was that Ann was just terrified all the time, and of the second that there was some weird eroticism. This one really conveyed the sense of two lonely creatures finding companionship and family -- at last -- in each other's company, which made it especially poignant.

Overall I thought it was a movie worth seeing. I just wish I had taken a nap beforehand.

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