Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bless the Peaceniks

Seeing Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show tonight and having just listened to John Lennon's Happy Christmas, I was thinking about how two peaceful people who've tried to make the world a slightly better place can make so many other people so crazy with rage and hate.

In fact, I was thinking that the fundies had about as close to a real Christian President as they were ever going to get in the Carter White House, and they didn't appreciate it. That is, of course, because fundies aren't really Christian and don't really want a Christian nation. They just want control. (Did anyone else think of Jimmy Carter while wearing a sweater, socks, and a blanket to turn the thermostat down a few energy-saving degrees? I also think of Queen Elizabeth, one of the wealthiest women on earth, who had been putting on a sweater to save money even before energy saving was a concern. Responsible stewards.)

And I don't agree with those who are against war no matter the provocation or threat. Pacificism isn't a tool one may use very often against violent offenders. Pacificism requires sustained sacrifice against an enemy who wants to at least appear civilized and humane on the world stage, plus a stage upon which to shame them.

But just imagine the kind of miserable shell-pocked, smoking carnage of a world we would have without the peaceniks. We need people to put the brakes on our anger; to seek alternate solutions; to inspire us to work toward a more peaceful, loving, and just world, even if we never get there.

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