Saturday, December 03, 2005

Colorado Pols IP Snooping Culprit Uncovered

I vaguely recall something controversial about Colorado Pols, though I don't go there often. Today all is revealed, both in the Rocky Mountain News and on Colorado Pols.

It was a Republican operative abusing her posting privileges, whose friend said he put the information she collected into a spreadsheet, but it was just "for sport...between friends." Those humorless bloggers and their pseudonymity fixations.

Said culprit Laura Teal who was given guest-posting privileges as "Red Hawk"
There was never any sort of nefarious plot to bring down any one person. The hope was to figure out who was behind a great blog.

And it would have been exclusively for her own personal edification, and that of her friend, Andy George, who compiled the data, and never ever for the benefit of any Republican politician whose campaigns they might work on.

You would think since they were all "friends" Teal and George would have asked the ColoradoPols authors their identity privately, and when told that pseudonymity was preferred, and why it was preferred, would have respected that.

With unethical friends like these...

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