Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ecologically-Minded Nicolo's Pizza

I was at first confused, then impressed when the Nicolo's Chicago Style Pizza delivery guy opened up the box and told me to take the pizza out, rather than take the whole box. It was on a disk of cardboard wrapped in a paper bag, and he explained that it saves the company money and saves a few trees, which I think is awesome.

But it's also the "Chicago Way" to deliver in a bag rather than a box, which is still okay.

I was also wondering why they call it "Chicago-style," since it isn't deep dish. But apparently, Chicago-style doesn't refer to the crust; most Chicagoans prefer their pizza with thin crust. Two things which make it Chicago-style are the delivery in a bag and toppings under the cheese. The bit about being "prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients" is common business hype.

Still, kudos to Nicolo's for saving those trees, (and money, which also saves trees, if it's paper money).

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