Friday, December 02, 2005

Grown Up Fun Tonight

My husband and I are going to his work's Christmas party. It's the first one we've been to in five years, partially because of having a child and no family (meaning free) babysitter, and partially because of no Christmas party (thanks, recession).

Of course, I'd rather my husband have a decent paycheck and a job than perks like parties, but I do look forward to the day of a booming economy when the company he works for gets generous again. For one thing, he automatically shares in the company's profits without having to contribute any of his income, but only if there are actually profits.

But in his industry, there are interesting and fun perks to be had, such as free tickets to events, and sometimes theme parks. The last job my husband worked for (right before the economy went sour), one of the big wigs came in and just started handing out $50 bills. And the job before that, we got free tickets to Disney World and Universal Studios. Ah, those were the days. To be fair, we did get free tickets to a couple of events here, like a summer movie at Red Rocks, and the Dora the Explorer show.

Tonight's party falls on a payday. I wonder if that was a happy coincidence, or if that means there's a cash bar.

Update: It was an open bar. And it was all very lovely and a good bargain. For $15 in various tips, we got valet parking, a coat check, 7 alcoholic beverages, and two three course meals. And the boys got to go to the Parade of Lights with three attractive college girls (we think the older one has a crush on one of his aunt's friends, but he vehemently denies it).

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