Friday, December 16, 2005

"'Merry Christmas' Backlash" Backlash

Some people are exercising their 1st Amendment rights to comment on the sad state the this Season has devolved to. O'Reilly's ratings winner every year is actually hurting people. There's also a video.

"It's horrible, just terrible," says neighbor Joe Nuccio, 79. "He's got Santa Claus with a bloody knife in one hand and a doll's head suspended in the other. That's bloody, too."

Bloody awful, for sure. But Krupnik, who couldn't be reached Thursday, told the Associated Press it's all to make this point: Christmas has become too commercial. Others have made similar points in Orlando (a gutted Rudolph dangling from a tree) and Miami (a hanged St. Nick).


Maybe Krupnik is bothered that Christmas has become too commercial, Nuccio says. "I am, too. All this nonsense about whether you should say 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays.'

"But he shouldn't have done that to Santa."

Add this to the lies that O'Reilly tells about towns that prohibit Christmas clothing, and you've got a ratings slut who seeks to divide our country during a time of year we should be celebrating unity and brotherhood.

Instead of saying, "Oh good, retailers are finally recognizing the diversity of American life, so don't whine and complain, Christians, open your arms for a big seasonal group hug," they keep telling Christians to bitch and moan that the season isn't all about "me me me me me."

See what your madness has led to, O'Reilly? You've pushed people over the edge, and set Santa on a commercialization-killing rampage.

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