Monday, December 26, 2005

Right Wing Killed the Messenger

But they were so successful, it amounted to suicide.

For years the right-wingers have been calling the "MSM Liberal Media" liars and spinners, all the while spinning and lying harder than anyone else. And so they reap what they have sown.

My mom, immersed for years in right-wing talk radio and Fox News, responding to my assertions of torture and death at the hands of the U.S. (paraphrasing):
"I don't believe what the Democrats or news stations say. I don't even believe the rightwing talk shows or conservative sources. I don't trust they won't spin the facts. I want to see pictures. I want to see the proof."

WashParkProphet's link to Fox News defending its right to distort the news and lie to the public reminded me of this recent outburst. She was looking over my shoulder when I was writing this, and so I showed her the case of Fox saying they can distort the news.

On one point I do have to give the Wurlitzer their due; they did create a criticial thinker in my mom.

She questioned the sources, so I linked through till I got to the court case which ruled in Fox's favor. She even questioned whether it was Fox Corporation or the affiliate distorting the news. (WTVT is a Fox O&O, so it is Fox Corporation).

And her reaction was basically to call them hypocrites. She also wondered if Bill O'Reilly had any outrage over it.

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